“Waving Flag” Reception Desk – concrete and resin sculpture – E. Preti

The reception desk represents the Red Cross’s flag, which waves in the wind. It is the starting point for the visit at JHD Dunant Hotel.
It is the universal symbol of brotherhood and neutrality, and the emblem of Henry Dunant’s thought.

The Island of Thought – The stodgy critic

This art container represents a challenge to the traditional places of art enjoyment, a different aesthetic approach to the enjoyment of the work of art.
In two words: contextualization and deconstructivism.

30 – Religious activism

At the age of 18 years Dunant, following tradition of Calvinistic family, formally joined evangelical movement. He was always very active from an early age and was a member of Societèd’Aumones, which ran the works of charity in l’Union Chretienne de Genève and YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association.

10 – Attack Button

Dunant was a person with great charisma, with a particular magnetism and an insatiable appetite for relations with other people. He was delighted and able to engage with all of those who contacted with him.

38 – The Struggle for Survival

The force of two animals against each other in fierce struggle of achieving the objective will inevitably lead to a victory of one of them. The superiority is not only sanctioned by a greater physical strength or cunning strategy but also determination and willingness to sacrifice. We want to celebrate the indomitable strength of will which Dunant had every day of his life. He dealt with any adversity firstly, in Africa then in Europe.

63 – The Strength of the Snail

The belief in his own ideas and the determination in spreading them find in Dunant a man with tireless tenacity. Like a snail that in its slow journey permeates the entire path which has been followed. Dunant and his idea have taken root slowly and now they continue to assert themselves throughout the world, because when the determination is firm and the idea is powerful not even the gravity can hold you.

77 – The Affirmation of a Symbol

It was only an oral agreement among the fighting sides before (to raise black flags and not to shoot in that direction) in the attempt to respect and save the rescue places which were not adequately equipped and sufficiently trained. Today the emblem of the Red Cross is a symbol of protection and neutrality, internationally recognized; it’s a reality regulated and respected all over the world, aiming at the safeguard of the rights and life of every single human being.